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having caught up with Graceland finally I want to watch something else now but the problem is all the things i’m in the middle of right now have a lot of pain ahead of me and i don’t need that right now.

Graceland literally just shoved all my hopes and dreams down the garbage disposal and then…

Try suits or White Collar?

They’re light,

48 hours before we began to shoot episode 210, we decided to change one character being pregnant to another. This of course affected many scenes throughout the script and we had to do last minute rewrites to accommodate such a huge change.
Mike Goldberg (co-writer)

I dunno why (cause my mind just jumped to paige)

But couldnt it have been lucia?

(via deathdaisy)

That thought did occur to me. I guess I figured Lucia and Johnny have only been sleeping together since 2x07, so a couple of weeks.

(via thedepartedfairy)

It sure would have complicated things

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