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Saying that we are not celebrating ‘Eid tomorrow because of what is happening in the Ummah is to equate our happiness with the Dunya. But ‘Eid is far more symbolic than this Dunya. ‘Eid was given to us by Allah Himself as our reward for fasting in Ramadan, and the very act of Fasting is done…

Names and ages of all killed in Gaza till Thursday morning!


Tuesday, July 8:
1. Mohammed Sha’aban, 24, was killed in a bombing of his car in Gaza City.
2. Ahmad Sha’aban, 30, died in the same bombing.
3. Khadir al-Bashiliki, 45, died in the same bombing.
4. Rashad Yaseen, 27, was killed in a bombing of the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

They arent just numbers. Those are people with lives, with dreams. They are not just numbers.

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