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so next to normal seems like such a deep and inspiring show because it has a bunch of quotes like “without a little lift, the ballerina falls” and “give me pain, if that’s what’s real, it’s the price we pay to feel”

but then there you watch it and it’s far more “so my son’s a little shit, my husband’s boring, and my daughter, though a genius, is a freak” and “mozart was crazy, flat fucking crazy, batshit i hear”`

you have no idea how many times people (who i make force watch with me) turn around to me asking if this was a ‘fluffy thing’ ‘cause of the first 10 min

Mike makes a mean (and by "mean" we mean "punishing") frittata: an analysis


So really I think we can blame Paige for getting Mike into the frittata-making operation. I still think she set him up here. Big. Time.


Really, Mike? “Dabble”? Um, ok. If you say so. You look worried and anxious about your two girls talking to each other when you should really be worried…


having caught up with Graceland finally I want to watch something else now but the problem is all the things i’m in the middle of right now have a lot of pain ahead of me and i don’t need that right now.

Graceland literally just shoved all my hopes and dreams down the garbage disposal and then…

Try suits or White Collar?

They’re light,

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