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I couldn’t even take a screenshot because I was too quick to post about how fucking dumb this is

this is so dumb eat breakfast people

This is how the diet industry survives and thrives.  Saying do this one year and then don’t do that the next.  Keeps your weight fluctuating, keeps you hating yourself and keeps you spending your $$ on shit that doesn’t work.  Pisses me off.

Breakfast is lterally called “break fast” i.e. BREAKING YOUR FAST YOU HAD WHILE SLEEPING 8 HOURS. You haven’t eaten IN 8 FUCKING HOURS. YOu need to FUCKING EAT.

This is why breakfast is called “the most important meal of the day” it’s not mysterious or confusing. It’s literally eating because you haven’t eaten in fucking hours.

Starving yourself is not healthy. Eating is not “negotiable.” This is fucked up.





crap! I just realized is Wednesday and there’s NO Graceland :(

I got an idea: anyone wanna watch the whole show again, starting tonight Season 1 Episode 1?! You know, to remember the good old days?!

(Maybe a little earlier, cause I don’t wanna go to bed too late)


I know! I think I need to relive the good old days when things were easier.

Back when the most tramatizing thing that happend to Mike was eddie shooting himself…which when i type it out is just so…gahh

And Odin was the biggest mystery. Still kinda is.

Id love for that to play next season (excluding sid,) wouldnt the Solano’s be intrested with working with odin? (i mean he did dent caza)

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